Saturday, October 17, 2009


We have had 3 babies arrive in the past few days....all boys! One of them (a little tri-color named Root Beer) is spoken for already, but we have two beautiful black and white guys who would be perfect for CHRISTMAS BABIES. They can be left intact if you are looking for a good herd buck or we can wether a buckling for a great pet. All our parents are registered with the MGR. The bucklings are $ 125.00 each. We will even work out a Christmas "lay-away" plan! or 615-430-2396 SORRY, SOLD - HEADING TO WEST VIRGINIA!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


For those who have been watching our blog with interest in our babies, they are now all sold. Our last two sold to families in West Virginia and will be delivered in May. We are already really missing the babies that have already gone to their new homes!

We do have one doe who will deliver in a few weeks and we will post her babies when they are born.

UPDATE: RAVEN, MENTIONED ABOVE, GAVE BIRTH TO TWO BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRLS. THEY WERE SOLD AT BIRTH TO A LADY IN WEST VIRGINIA. THEY WILL JOIN OUR BUCK PEPSI, WHICH SHE PURCHASED EARLIER, TO BEGIN A HERD THERE. If you like the "country life" you might check out this ladies web site at You can see Pepsi and his other friends under the "barn" tab on the site.


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Patches is the sweetest, most gentle adult animal we have ever had. He has been a "buddy" to our sire buck, Apache. We now have decided to keep and breed another of our bucks next year as well as Apache, so that buck ("Coal Miner") and Apache can now hang out. That leaves Patches unemployed as a companion animal!!

Patches is small for his age and would make a wonderful pet and companion animal for someone who has other goats, and would be wonderful with kids. He is not registered, but is a 100% fainting goat. He is a wether (has been "fixed").

As mentioned in another place on our blog, we are delivering two goats to West Virginia next month. For the West Virginia folks who have been following our blog, we could include Patches in that trip and deliver him to you.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


To make it easier to see the babies we have for sale, I have published individual pictures below of the ones who are still available. You can see their moms and see our buck, Apache, farther down the blog. The babies are just now one month old.
We are getting calls from West Virginia, Virginia, and Ohio and it looks like we may be offering delivery of some goats in that area just after Mother's Day, which is May 1o. Give us a call for details.




Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Splash" is a polled buck (no horns) like his mom, Mascara. He would love to entertain your kids or grandkids. He is $125.00 SORRY, SPLASH IS NOW SOLD (PENDING PICKUP) 4/12/09

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

See Our Goats For Sale Below
Note: We will make note of any sold goats as soon as they sale.
Babies - Breeding Does - Bucks
Our Sire Buck Is Pictured Near The Bottom or 615-430-2396


Coal Miner is an awesome buck. His sire is a tremendous black and white buck aptly named "Moose", and Coal Miner is going to have his lines...very stocky. You can see his mom (Zoey) farther down the blog. Her genetics (tri-color), along with the black and white genetics will almost guarantee good color in his kids. We have decided to breed him with part of our girls this fall, although his buddy, Apache, wasn't asking for any help with his job!

Dolly, we are selling with a lot of reservations. We must reduce our herd....we just don't have the room in the barn for 18 goats! (And more babies on the way.) Dolly is a black and white and would be perfect for someone looking for a pet or a breeding doe. She was bottle fed and is sweet and friendly and on the petite side. She would be perfect for someone with children. Just turning a year old, she will be ready to breed this fall. Dolly is $225.00. SORRY, DOLLY IS NOW SOLD.

Oreo gave us twins this year....a buck and a doe. She is our oldest goat (about 3); has nice lines and very stocky.

Oreo's buckling is a tri-color with black stockings and a nice brown/white pattern. Once again, as a sire he would add potential of black, white, tan, etc. to a herd. He is $125.00.

We really have fallen in love with Oreo's little girl. She has a beautiful black/white pattern and is just a real sweety. Petite and friendly. She is $200.00.

BB's skill is apparently twins! She gave us two beautiful babies last year, and two even prettier this year.

Her buckling was over 6 pounds, even as a twin, and shows all the signs of being a big buck. He is a splashy black and white pattern. He will be a great herd sire for someone wanting to add a lot of color potential to their herd. His mom, Oreo, is a solid black and white and his sire being a tri-color will assure nice color potential in his babies. He is $125.00

BB's doeling is a splashy tri-color with black stockings and a nize blaze on her face. She will obviously have the potential of lots of color as well, from the black and white of her mom, to the tri-color of her sire, Apache. (See his picture here on the blog). She is $200.00. (DOELING IS SOLD 3/25/09)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mascara is a nice one year old "blue" registered fainter. This is her first baby and she had a little buckling that may be the prettiest goat we have had this year. He is featured near the top of the page. He is a tri-color with really neat markings. Mascara is sold, but her buckling would make a great herd sire. His father (Apache) is a tri-color, his mother has the neat "blue" color, and her mother was a black and white, so the buckling has the potential of throwing some real color in his babies. He is $ 125.00.

The awesome guy above is the sire of our 2009 babies. We think he did a great job and gave us some pretty babies. His job is secure for next year, although he is going to have to share with his buddy, Coal Miner!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Having babies

After a lot of hard work, building fences and stalls, and ultimately acquiring 5 fainting goats, we have finally started to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Two weeks ago we had our first "baby" ~ a little buck that we named after his daddy, Hombre. "Hombre, Jr" is just over two weeks old now and is a bundle of energy. We actually sold Hombre, Sr yesterday and Jr. has already decided that now he is "the man" on our little place. He is busy chasing the girls already and has fallen in love with our little white doe, Blanca.
Our second doe gave birth to twins a week ago today. BB, who is black and white, produced a gorgeous little blue/gray girl. She has really pretty eyes and Brenda says she looks like she is wearing mascara! Her brother is a splashy little guy who got it all! He has the black and white of his mom, but he picked up some brown from his dad (also Hombre, Sr.) and a cute little white star on top of his head.
We will be selling Hombre, Jr. for $100.00 and his sister for $200.00 when they are weaned. We think our little "splashy", multicolored buck is already spoken for. Lots of people like to buy the goats when they are small and finish weaning them on a bottle, which makes them even more affectionate with their owners. They seem to naturally love people and are a great pet for children, if mom and dad have the right place to keep them.
These little ones have already started to stiffin up and faint some. Something startled Hombre, Jr. in the barn yesterday and he went down in a full faint.
If you are looking for a great pet goat or looking to start a herd of your own, drop us an e-mail. We will warn you though, be prepared to get addicted!