Thursday, April 16, 2009


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Patches is the sweetest, most gentle adult animal we have ever had. He has been a "buddy" to our sire buck, Apache. We now have decided to keep and breed another of our bucks next year as well as Apache, so that buck ("Coal Miner") and Apache can now hang out. That leaves Patches unemployed as a companion animal!!

Patches is small for his age and would make a wonderful pet and companion animal for someone who has other goats, and would be wonderful with kids. He is not registered, but is a 100% fainting goat. He is a wether (has been "fixed").

As mentioned in another place on our blog, we are delivering two goats to West Virginia next month. For the West Virginia folks who have been following our blog, we could include Patches in that trip and deliver him to you.

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Mom L said...

My first time on your blog - came here via "Chickens in the Road". Couldn't sleep tonight and looked in on Suzanne's blog to see a photo of Pepsi - what a beautiful goat! I always dreamed of having a goat or 2, but am a city apt. dweller, so I just enjoy seeing them on farm blogs. I'm slowly packing and getting ready to move to Iowa, and usually have trouble sleeping before a major move. Enjoyed your goat photos and video!

Nancy in Atlanta