Thursday, April 16, 2009


For those who have been watching our blog with interest in our babies, they are now all sold. Our last two sold to families in West Virginia and will be delivered in May. We are already really missing the babies that have already gone to their new homes!

We do have one doe who will deliver in a few weeks and we will post her babies when they are born.

UPDATE: RAVEN, MENTIONED ABOVE, GAVE BIRTH TO TWO BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRLS. THEY WERE SOLD AT BIRTH TO A LADY IN WEST VIRGINIA. THEY WILL JOIN OUR BUCK PEPSI, WHICH SHE PURCHASED EARLIER, TO BEGIN A HERD THERE. If you like the "country life" you might check out this ladies web site at You can see Pepsi and his other friends under the "barn" tab on the site.

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