Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BB's skill is apparently twins! She gave us two beautiful babies last year, and two even prettier this year.

Her buckling was over 6 pounds, even as a twin, and shows all the signs of being a big buck. He is a splashy black and white pattern. He will be a great herd sire for someone wanting to add a lot of color potential to their herd. His mom, Oreo, is a solid black and white and his sire being a tri-color will assure nice color potential in his babies. He is $125.00

BB's doeling is a splashy tri-color with black stockings and a nize blaze on her face. She will obviously have the potential of lots of color as well, from the black and white of her mom, to the tri-color of her sire, Apache. (See his picture here on the blog). She is $200.00. (DOELING IS SOLD 3/25/09)

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