Friday, March 14, 2008

Having babies

After a lot of hard work, building fences and stalls, and ultimately acquiring 5 fainting goats, we have finally started to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Two weeks ago we had our first "baby" ~ a little buck that we named after his daddy, Hombre. "Hombre, Jr" is just over two weeks old now and is a bundle of energy. We actually sold Hombre, Sr yesterday and Jr. has already decided that now he is "the man" on our little place. He is busy chasing the girls already and has fallen in love with our little white doe, Blanca.
Our second doe gave birth to twins a week ago today. BB, who is black and white, produced a gorgeous little blue/gray girl. She has really pretty eyes and Brenda says she looks like she is wearing mascara! Her brother is a splashy little guy who got it all! He has the black and white of his mom, but he picked up some brown from his dad (also Hombre, Sr.) and a cute little white star on top of his head.
We will be selling Hombre, Jr. for $100.00 and his sister for $200.00 when they are weaned. We think our little "splashy", multicolored buck is already spoken for. Lots of people like to buy the goats when they are small and finish weaning them on a bottle, which makes them even more affectionate with their owners. They seem to naturally love people and are a great pet for children, if mom and dad have the right place to keep them.
These little ones have already started to stiffin up and faint some. Something startled Hombre, Jr. in the barn yesterday and he went down in a full faint.
If you are looking for a great pet goat or looking to start a herd of your own, drop us an e-mail. We will warn you though, be prepared to get addicted!

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Melissa said...

Welcome to the blog world! I might bring Camden by to see the goats later today.